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Handling Constraint Violations

Log denies#

Set the --log-denies flag to log all deny, dryrun and warn failures. This is useful when trying to see what is being denied/fails dry-run and keeping a log to debug cluster problems without having to enable syncing or looking through the status of all constraints.

Dry Run enforcement action#

When rolling out new constraints to running clusters, the dry run functionality can be helpful as it enables constraints to be deployed in the cluster without making actual changes. This allows constraints to be tested in a running cluster without enforcing them. Cluster resources that are impacted by the dry run constraint are surfaced as violations in the status field of the constraint.

To use the dry run feature, add enforcementAction: dryrun to the constraint spec to ensure no actual changes are made as a result of the constraint. By default, enforcementAction is set to deny as the default behavior is to deny admission requests with any violation.

For example:

apiVersion: K8sRequiredLabelsmetadata:  name: ns-must-have-gkspec:  enforcementAction: dryrun  match:    kinds:      - apiGroups: [""]        kinds: ["Namespace"]  parameters:    labels: ["gatekeeper"]status:  auditTimestamp: "2019-08-15T01:46:13Z"  enforced: true  violations:  - enforcementAction: dryrun    kind: Namespace    message: 'you must provide labels: {"gatekeeper"}'    name: default  - enforcementAction: dryrun    kind: Namespace    message: 'you must provide labels: {"gatekeeper"}'    name: gatekeeper-system

Warn enforcement action#

Warn enforcement action offers the same benefits as dry run, such as testing constraints without enforcing them. In addition to this, it will also provide immediate feedback on why that constraint would have been denied. It is available in Gatekeeper v3.4+ with Kubernetes v1.19+.

apiVersion: K8sAllowedReposmetadata:  name: repo-is-openpolicyagentspec:  enforcementAction: warn  match:    kinds:      - apiGroups: [""]        kinds: ["Pod"]  parameters:    repos:      - "openpolicyagent"
$ kubectl apply pod.yamlWarning: [prod-repo-is-openpolicyagent] container <nginx> has an invalid image repo <nginx>, allowed repos are ["openpolicyagent"]pod/pause created

NOTE: The supported enforcementActions are [deny, dryrun, warn] for constraints. Update the --disable-enforcementaction-validation=true flag if the desire is to disable enforcementAction validation against the list of supported enforcementActions.